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AccessE11 is a web-based system that will easily capture and assign resident issues from emails, web forms, or on-site from field workers via the mobile app. This will allow Township staff to efficiently manage day-to-day tasks and communicate updates in one click of a button. Our team can now receive, create, access, update, and assign resident concerns from one data-base at anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

AccessE11 will revolutionize resident issue management and service delivery for The Township of South Glengarry. Our goal is that Access E11 will help us provide faster resolutions to issues and to keep residents informed on the status of their issues.

Within minutes a staff member will receive a notification that a concern has been uploaded to AccessE11 for review. A case will be opened and given a priority level.  The case will then be assigned to the appropriate team member for review and resolution. Residents will then receive an email letting them know their issue is being investigated and how to reference it in the future.

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