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The Township of South Glengarry requires all dogs three months of age and older to have a licence.

A dog licence enables the Animal Control Officer or Pound Keeper to return your missing dog to you as soon as possible. It also tells strangers your lost dog is not a stray and needs to be returned to its family.


The fee for a dog licence is $15 for the first dog and $25 for each additional dog. Cheque or cash payments are accepted.

How to Obtain or Renew a Licence

Licences can be purchased at the following retail locations. You may also obtain your annual licence by mailing in the required information with your payment to the Township office and a licence will be mailed back to you. Once the Township Office is able to reopen licenses can be picked up there. 

Required Information for Licence Application

  • Owner's Name
  • Phone Number
  • Civic Address
  • Dog(s) Name
  • Dog(s) Sex
  • Dog(s) Age
  • Neutered or Spayed
  • Breed(s)

Retail Locations

  • Lancaster: Township of South Glengarry Office, 6 Oak Street
  • Bainsville: Sangster's Sons General Store, 6080 3rd Line Road
  • Martintown: K-Cee's Video, 18530 Dundas Street
  • Williamstown: A.L. MacDonald Grocery, 19688 Bridge Street

Kennel Licences

  • Request for Kennel License Application Form

    If you are looking to obtain a kennel license, please fill out the above form to request an application for a kennel. PLEASE NOTE: This request is not a kennel license confirmation, nor does it guarantee a license will be issued. Once the request form has been completed, a By-Law Officer will be in touch with you shortly to go over your request for application.

    Please note that all kennel licenses have a fee of $150.00 to be paid following the approval of a complete application. 

Animal Control Services

Animal Control Services for the Township of South Glengarry are provided by Kevin Casselman. He may be reached at (613) 543-2980 or (613) 913-1476.

Leash Control

As per Township of South Glengarry By-law 07-11, no person who owns harbours or possesses any dog shall cause or permit the dog to run at large or trespass on private property, even when on a leash. This is applicable at all times, to all individuals who visit Township parks or other outdoor properties with their dog(s).

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