Animal Services

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All residents must ensure their dog’s have a dog tag with the dogs’ name and owner’s contact information. Tags will no longer be provided by the Township. Please visit/contact pet stores or local retailers (including some homebased operations) to purchase your unique styled tag!

Kennel Licences

  • Request for Kennel License Application Form

    If you are looking to obtain a kennel license, please fill out the above form to request an application for a kennel. PLEASE NOTE: This request is not a kennel license confirmation, nor does it guarantee a license will be issued. Once the request form has been completed, a By-Law Officer will be in touch with you shortly to go over your request for application.

    Please note that all kennel licenses have a fee of $150.00 to be paid following the approval of a complete application. 

Animal Control Services

Animal Control Services for the Township of South Glengarry are provided by Kevin Casselman. He may be reached at (613) 543-2980 or (613) 913-1476.

Leash Control

As per Township of South Glengarry By-law 23-2022, no person who owns harbours or possesses any dog shall cause or permit the dog to run at large or trespass on private property, even when on a leash. This is applicable at all times, to all individuals who visit Township parks or other outdoor properties with their dog(s).

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