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A Building Permit regulates construction in the community so that health, fire, structural and general safety standards are met and adhered to. 

Under the direction of the Chief Building Official, the Township's Building Department authorizes the issuance of Building Permits in compliance with the Ontario Building Code, as well as the Township's current Building By-law.

It is illegal to begin work without a building permit. Anyone who does so is in contravention of the Township's Building By-law and the Ontario Building Code, and subject to financial and legal consequences. 

2024 Revised Building By-law Fee Schedule

Before You Start

Prior to the start of any construction or renovation project, individuals (or those acting on behalf of or representing an individual) should meet with Building Department staff in order to ensure all proper documentation and procedures are in place prior to the construction or renovation.

Contact a Building Official for more information or to book an appointment.


The Township now offers two ways to apply for a Building Permit. Residents can take advantage of Cloudpermit, an online system which is the most efficient way to apply for and track your building permit. A fillable PDF Building Permit Application can be downloaded and either delivered to the Township Office or emailed directly to the Building Information Officer BUT Cloudpermit is the fastest and easiest way to submit your application.

Select and complete the appropriate document(s) and form(s) for your construction or renovation project. Completed documents can be submitted at the Township Office with the appropriate fee(s).

The Building Department makes every effort to ensure an efficient turnaround time for permit approval. It is important to submit a complete application in order for the review and approval process to be completed as quickly as possible. Incomplete or incorrect applications may result in delays.


 NEW! Cloudpermit online system

Step by Step Cloudpermit Guide


 Building Permit Application (Cloudpermit Online Permitting System)

The Cloudpermit building permit system allows you to apply for and to see the status of your application anywhere, at any time. You can start an application and finish it later, and receive email updates on the status of your permit application. You can even request building inspections!

Step by Step Cloudpermit Guide

Cloudpermit Support Portal


Apply for Building Permit

 Building Permit Applications (PDF)

New Residential Construction - Required for all eligible construction or demolition projects.

Residential Accessory Buildings - Required for Accessory Buildings (garage, shed, secondary dwellings, etc.)

Residential Additions

Residential Interior Renovations

Residential Attached Garages & Carports

Residential Finished Basement 

Water and Sewer
Water and Sewer
Decks and Swimming Pools

Residential Decks

Swimming Pool and Pool Enclosure Permit Application

Entranceway Permit
Entranceway Permit
Sewage System
Sewage System Application 
9-1-1 Sign - Civic Blade
9-1-1 Sign - Civic Blade
Solar Electric Panels or Solar Thermal Panels
Solar Electric Panels or Solar Thermal Panels
Solid Fuel-Burning Appliance
Solid Fuel-Burning Appliance

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