Glen Walter Tree Management

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Glen Walter Tree Management

Approximately 200 trees have been affected by the Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease at the Glen Walter Regional Park. The trees were assessed by a Registered Professional Forester and marked accordingly for removal in Spring 2021. In November 2021, approximately 100 trees were removed as part of Phase 1 of the tree management process.

Many of the trees that were part of the Phase 1 removal were along the paved pathway of the park, the removal of these trees was to ensure the safety of park users as the trees had broken limbs and there was a risk of them falling during heavy winds and snowfall. The remainder of the marked trees will be removed in 2022. Replacement trees have been pre ordered and will arrive in 2022. Once all marked trees and stumps are removed, the Township will undergo the planting of the new trees in the Fall of 2022.

This page will be updated once Phase 2 of Tree Removal dates have been determined.

Thank you for your cooperation.  

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