Local Government Week

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About Local Government Week

The Township of South Glengarry will be celebrating Local Government Week during the third week of October, along with numerous other municipalities throughout Ontario. This event offers a valuable opportunity for students and young residents to enhance their understanding of local government  and express their thoughts on what matters to them as members of the South Glengarry community. Local Government Week was established through collaborative efforts between the Province of Ontario, the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks, and Treasurers of Ontario, and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. Its purpose is to recognize and commemorate the vital role that local governments in Ontario play in shaping the identity, priorities, and amenities of our communities.
How South Glengarry celebrates Local Government Week

Throughout the month of October, the Township of South Glengarry will be observing Local Government Week. Mayor Lachlan McDonald alongside Township Councillors and staff, will be making visits to local schools to provide explanations about local government and address any inquiries from students.

Council for the Day Contest 

The Township is excited to announce the 'Councillor for the Day' Contest, which is now open to all students residing in South Glengarry. Students from across the Township are invited to participate by submitting an essay that reflects on what South Glengarry means to them and what they would do as Councillor for a day. Council will select the contest winners, who will be recognized with gift packages and honored during a Council meeting scheduled for November. Please note that the deadline for essay submissions is October 25, 2023.
Kindly forward your essay submissions to clerk@southglengarry.com


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