Parks and Recreation Master Plan

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Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Township of South Glengarry commissioned Mehak, Kelly & Associates, thinc design and Oraclepoll Research to complete a Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the Township. The purpose of the Plan is to provide the Township with long-term direction for the provision of parks and recreation services to community residents and visitors. The process included extensive consultation initiatives in addition to working directly with the Parks, Recreation and Culture department.

View Parks and Recreation Master Plan Here - View Master Plan 

Consultation Initiatives during Master Plan Project

  • Online Survey
  • Random telephone survey of households, was conducted by Oraclepoll Research Ltd., with the same survey being made available online as indicated above
  • A web-based survey for volunteer program/activity organizations such as arena and playing field users, for which groups will receive an emailed letter and survey link from the Township.
  • Interviews and focus groups with individual and agencies.
  • Opportunity to participate in focus groups relates to trails and waterfront
  • Draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan document review – a survey was provided for comments after reviewing the draft
  • Ongoing interactive consultation webpage for comments, questions, maps to pinpoint ideas, and direct contact to consultants.

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