Pitch-In 2023

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Pitch In April 15 – 29, 2023 

Pitch-In South Glengarry is an annual community litter cleanup that happens as part of Pitch In Canada, a nation-wide cleanup event.   We encourage individuals and groups to commit to cleaning up a particular site during the two week period. 

Pitch in Photo Contest

Submit a photo from your Pitch In cleanup for a chance to win a prize.

Email your photo to info@southglengarry.com. If you will be posting your photo on social media, please use the hashtag #PitchInSG.

Photo Ideas:

  • Interesting finds from your cleanup
  • The bags you have filled, perhaps with yourself or your group displaying them (please ensure that you have permission from individuals in the photo)
  • Before and After shots of your cleanup site

With your permission, we would love to share the winning photos on our website, social media and possibly within future publications.

Deadline: May 7th,  2023


How to Participate in Pitch In

  • We will be attempting to contact past participants, but please get in touch if we haven’t reached you.  Use the email address  info@southglengarry.com
  • You can also leave a message at (613) 347-1166 ext. 2104, during or after office hours.
  • If you need help finding a location to clean up, let us know.
  • Supplies will be available at the Municipal Office Wed. Apr. 7. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday to Friday
  • You will be asked to record your name or group on a list so we have an idea of who is participating.
  • If you know where you would like to clean up, please indicate on that list.

 Where to Clean Up

  • Individuals often choose to clean up around their neighbourhood. 
  • We recommend that you check your site the night before or earlier in the day to  make sure it still needs picking up.  We cannot control where other people choose to pick up litter.
  • If you are from outside our town limits, check with your municipality to see if they are participating in Pitch-In this year.  They may have bags for you, and may be able to pick up the filled bags or accept them at your municipal transfer site.

After the Cleanup

  • Township staff will be collecting filled Pitch In bags from the roadside.
  • If your filled bags are not picked up within two days, please call us with their location  so we can let the town know to pick them up. 
  • Please let us know how you did on the response form!

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