Special and Large Item Collection

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Large Item Collection

A special collection of items is scheduled for all residents on your regular collection day the week of May 23, 2022. Large items are not part of the items regularly collected at the roadside.

Special/large items that will be picked up may include furniture, mattresses, toilets, carpeting, among others.

The following items will NOT be collected but can be disposed of at our landfill sites:

  • E-waste
  • Tree stumps
  • Building supplies
  • Broken glass
  • Hardware
  • Tires
  • Fences
  • Construction materials
  • Loose garbage
  • Loose branches

Car parts and motors are not accepted at the landfill sites and will not be picked up with the special item pickup.

Only refrigerators or appliances from which Freon gas has been removed and that are tagged accordingly by a licensed company will be picked up.

The Township encourages residents to dispose of unwanted items in an environmentally responsible manner or to consider reuse/recycle options for items that are not collected at the roadside.

Free access to the landfill sites will be granted to residents for disposal of non-commercial, nonhazardous waste on the following dates:

Beaver Brook Landfill

  • Tuesday, May 24th 
  • Saturday, May 28th

North Lancaster Landfill

  • Saturday, June 4th

Vehicles must be registered, which can be done at the Township office or at the landfill sites for a fee of $10.

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