Water and Wastewater

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Township of South Glengarry Targeted Municipal Water and Wastewater Services Survey

The Township of South Glengarry recently completed the Glen Walter Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan which identified when and where municipal water and wastewater services will be extended in the Glen Walter area.  During the circulation of the draft document, comments were received from residents of the Fairway Subdivision, Sapphire Hills Subdivision, and Bayview Estates Subdivisions indicating that the Township should undertake a thorough investigation into the interest of the Township residents in these two subdivisions to receive municipal water and wastewater services prior to initiating the next phase of the project.


The Township of South Glengarry's Infrastructure Services department is responsible for Water and Waste Water services within the Township. Responsibilities of this division include:

  • Providing water that meets drinking water quality standards
  • Operating in accordance with legislation (Safe Drinking Water Act, Small Drinking Water Systems Reg. 319/08)
  • Ensuring staff are qualified to operate the systems
  • Complying with all sampling, testing and monitoring of the systems
  • Meeting all reporting requirements

Water Meters and Repairs

2022 Spring and Summer Service Appointments

During the spring and summer of 2022, the Township will be completing service appointments to inspect and repair water meters. The inspection and replacement time for a new water meter is approximately 30 to 90 minutes and will potentially require the water to be shut off and then turned back on. Someone from your household who is at least 18 years of age must be at home during the appointment. Advance notification and booking of the service appointments will be provided.

The water meter inspector will have a Township of South Glengarry photo ID card identifying themselves and will arrive in a vehicle with a Township of South Glengarry logo.

How Water Meters Work

Water meters track household water usage and ensure customers are billed accurately. Every household, business and facility located within municipal boundaries and connected to the water distribution system is equipped with a water meter. Water meters are the property of the Township of South Glengarry and are maintained by the Township. (By-law #49-16).

Water Meter Maintenance

The Township owns water meters for homes on municipal water services and maintains the water meter at no cost providing you take precautions not to damage it. It is illegal to tamper with a water meter and residents cannot change water meters themselves.

Residents will be notified by mail when their meter is malfunctioning, and a service appointment is required. Residents may also receive a letter requesting occupancy confirmation should their meter continuously record low or no consumption.

H2O NO! Call Ron to go.

Ronald (Ron) McLaughlin




Don’t forget to book an appointment with Ron to get your water meter inspected.

Service Line Warranties of Canada

The Township of South Glengarry has partnered with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) to offer eligible homeowners protection for repairs to their water service and sewer/septic lines. These voluntary service line repair programs provide a 24-hour emergency hotline, 365 days a year and have no deductible.

Service Line Warranties of Canada, is an independent company separate from the Township of South Glengarry and offers optional service plans as an authorized representative of Northcoast Solutions of Canada. Your choice to participate in this service plan will not affect any service you have with the Township of South Glengarry. 

For additional information on the Service Line Warranties of Canada program, please contact their corporate office at 1-844-616-8444.

For more information please contact:
Dillen Seguin
Director of Water & Waste Water
613-931-3036 or EMAIL HERE

Retrofit the Kennedy-Redwood Water Facility

The Township of South Glengarry was glad to partner with the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada to Retrofit the Kennedy-Redwood Water Facility in 2017.  The total project cost was $280,000 and improved the longevity of the facility.


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