Budget and Finances

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The Township's Corporate Services Department is responsible for day-to-day financial management. Additionally, this department processes tax and water billing and payments, accounts issuing and receivables as well as ensuring that all resources and assets are coordinated in a cost-effective and responsible manner.

Asset Management Plan

Some of the strategic priorities for South Glengarry involve municipal infrastructure. Maintaining our infrastructure is key to achieving our goals.

The Township's Asset Management Plan provides a ten year financial plan for our infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, culverts and water and wastewater infrastructure.

Financial Statements

Every year the Township's financial statements are audited by an independent auditor and made available to the public.

South Glengarry Financial Statements

Financial Information Returns

Your tax dollars go toward providing quality services for the community. The Township is continually monitoring the quality and performance of the services we provide through various means, one of which is the Ontario Municipal Performance Measurement Program.

Financial Information Returns

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