Delegation to Council

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Delegation to Council

Any individual or group wishing to make a public presentation to Council must submit a Delegation Application. Applications can be submitted online, or in writing, and must outline the reason for the presentation. Applications must be submitted to the Township Clerk, by 12:00 noon at least ten days prior to the Council meeting.

Written submissions must include
  • the name and address of the person that will address Council;
  • a description of the matter to be presented to Council;
  • the request being made of Council;
  • the reason for making the request;
  • an explanation of the issue that is the subject of the request;
  • a summary of current and proposed legislation and policy relevant to the request; and
  • a copy of any materials that will be discussed.

Materials for inclusion in the agenda packages must be received by the Township Clerk, by 12:00 noon on the Monday, prior to the Council meeting.

If audio/video components are required, please contact the Corporate Services Department one week before the presentation to make arrangements. Council meetings are live streamed, and web streamed so please ensure that any visual aids used during a presentation are large enough to be easily viewed by the Mayor, Council, and the audience.  Please note that the Township operates with Microsoft Office; and that visual displays must be compatible with this version.

If approved, the delegation will be scheduled to appear at a Council meeting. Please check the Council Meeting Schedule for the correct dates and times of Council meetings. 


Presentations are restricted to 10 minutes maximum and are limited to one speaker per delegation. Please ensure that your remarks are directed to the Mayor, who should always be addressed as 'Mayor'. In the Mayor's absence, address the Deputy Mayor in the same manner. If questioned by Council, address your answers to the Mayor.

No delegation will be heard by Council if the purpose of the delegation is to:

  • If its purpose is to address an issue that is before the courts or for which Council had authorized legal action, or which legal action is pending;
  • where a Public Hearing has been held in accordance with an enactment as a prerequisite to the adoption of the bylaw; or
  • if its purpose is to deal with a matter that is outside the jurisdiction or legal authority of the Township.

Contact the Clerk at 613-347-1166 for additional information on delegations or presentation material. 

Delegation Applications

Delegation Applications can be emailed or faxed to 613-347-3411 or submitted online below. 

Delegation to Council Online Application

  • One speaker per delegation;
  • All delegations limited to 10-minute presentations; and
  • All documents to be submitted to Council must be delivered to the Township Clerk 7 business days prior to the meeting.


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