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Grants and Donations Policy

The Township of South Glengarry recognizes the benefits that local volunteers provide our community and wishes to recognize them by committing funds through our Grants and Donations Policy. The Township understands that from time to time, annually, or for a certain duration our volunteer groups require financial assistance. The Grants and Donations Policy reflects South Glengarry’s commitment to assisting in addressing such needs. Decisions on grants and donations will be made by South Glengarry Council and will be based on our strategic plan, community interests, financial capacity, and doing the greatest amount of good, for the most amount of people for the longest duration.

Certain criteria must be met to be considered to receive funding. The eligibility criteria for the Grants and Donations Policy include:

1)     Applicants must be an incorporated non-profit community group or organization whose primary focus is in South Glengarry.

2)     Grants are intended to be supplementary to an organization’s main source(s) of funding.

3)     All funding will be for future projects. Retroactive funding will not be considered.

4)     Repeat grant requests will only be available to organizations who are in good standing with South Glengarry.

5)     Guaranteed funding is only for the fiscal year in which the organization has applied. Continued commitment will be considered on a year-by-year basis.

6)     Respecting this policy South Glengarry may impose, at its sole and unique discretion, the conditions it deems fit.

To be considered for the 2024 budget, all applicants must submit their applications on or before November 24, 2023. All grant applications shall be submitted on the Grants and Donations Application Form and directed to the General Manager of Corporate Services, Kelli Campeau.

Any applications submitted after the deadline may not be reviewed/considered for the 2024 budget and may only be considered for the 2025 budget. Any applications submitted past the deadline by applicants seeking to be considered for the 2024 budget must prepare and submit a delegation to Council where Council will decide to either approve or deny the request. Please contact Kelli Campeau at





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