Strategic Plan

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The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

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For each four-year term of Council, the Township sets a new strategic plan with key goals and initiatives that will move the community forward. The Strategic Plan is adopted by South Glengarry Council and provides direction to Township Staff about areas of focus as the organization works toward achieving its vision.

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Components of the strategic plan

During the development of the Strategic Plan, new mission and vision statements were included to guide the Council and staff in the work that they do for the community.

Vision Statement:

A historically unique and proud community committed to an innovative future.

Mission Statement:

The Corporation of the Township of South Glengarry is committed to excellence in the efficient delivery of municipal services in a fiscally responsible manner that maximizes the quality of life of our unique community and residents.

Values Statement:

  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Trust
  • Respect

Strategic Goals

  1. Enhance economic growth and prosperity
  2. Invest in infrastructure and its sustainability
  3. Strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization
  4. Improve quality of life in our community
  5. Improve internal and external communications

Service Delivery and Process Review

In 2022 the Township received funds through the Municipal Modernization Program Intake 3 to complete a Service Delivery and Process Review to evaluate the services provided by the Township, how those programs and services are delivered, and the level by which they are delivered. The information and recommendations contained in this review will assist Council and staff with strategic planning.

Service Delivery and Process Review Report

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