Watershed Conditions: Normal

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Watershed Conditions: Normal

March 23, 2020

The Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) has ended the Flood Outlook Statement issued on March 9, 2020.

With the recent precipitation and warmer temperatures, little to no snowpack remains throughout the RRCA’s jurisdiction. Water levels are receding following last week’s spring melt; flooding is not expected at this time.

The RRCA will continue to monitor water levels and weather forecasts as part of the Flood Forecasting and Warning program and will provide updates as conditions change.

For more information: Phil Barnes, Project Manager, (613) 938-3611 ext. 240, phil.barnes@rrca.on.ca
Media contact: Lisa Van De Ligt, Communications Specialist, (613) 938-3611 ext. 223, lisa.vandeligt@rrca.on.ca

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