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Township of South Glengarry Map

SDG Community Maps

Interactive Community Maps are available through the United Counties of SDG website. These maps host a range of data including points of interest, parcel data and environmental data.

Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour

In 2017 the Townships of South and North Glengarry developed a joint Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour map. This collaborative project's objective was to investigate, inventory and create a comprehensive list of heritage sites which were then developed into a historic tour.

SDG Open Road Cycling Maps 

Looking for some fun local routes to cycle this summer? Take a look at the Counties of SDG Open Road Cycling Maps. With every turn of the crank, our endless ribbons of roads invite you to venture further afield. Around here, nothing can hold you back from exploring. It’s in our nature.

South Glengarry Cycling Routes

 Fat in the Forest

The most fun you’ll have on two (fat) wheels. Explore the beautiful Summerstown Forest on wide, groomed trails. Don’t have a bike? No problem. Rentals are available at the parking lot on weekends. 

View Open Road Map Here

Distance: 7.2 km

Elevation Gain: 59 ft.

Max. Gain: 4.1%

Elevation Loss: 59 ft.

Min. Grade: -3.7%

Please stick to the fat bike and snowshoe trails for this ride. Thanks!

For more details about this location:

 River to Ruins

Take a tour from River to Ruins with a trek from the Raisin River in Williamstown to the historic ruins of St.Raphaels in South Glengarry.  

View Open Road Map Here

Distance: 23.2 km

Elevation Gain: 163 ft.

Max. Gain: 1.7%

Elevation Loss: 164 ft.

Min. Grade: -1.9%

 Tour De Lancasters

From North to South, take a round-trip tour of Lancaster with this route that features the perfect pit-stop of the Lancaster Wharf. 

View Open Road Map Here

Distance: 42 km

Elevation Gain: 224 ft.

Max. Gain: 0.7%

Elevation Loss: 224 ft.

Min. Grade: -0.7%

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