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Active Use Parks provide areas and amenities for outdoor recreation. The Township of South Glengarry has a number of these parks including 16 soccer fields (5 are mini), 12 softball diamonds, 10 children's play structures and 5 volleyball courts.

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Active Use Parks

Empey-Poirier Park

Location: 6086 Vine St, Williamstown ON, K0C 2J0 (Glendale Subdivision)

Description: The park features:

  • Play structure
  • Outdoor rink
  • Open green space


Green Valley Community Park

Location: 4159 MacKinnon Rd, Green Valley ON, K0C 1L0

Description: This park features:

  • Multi-Purpose Pad (Outdoor Rink in Winter with Change Shack)
  • 1 x Basketball Court 
  • 1 x Grass Baseball Diamond
  • 1 x Soccer Field 
  • 1 x Tennis Court
  • Playground Structure 

This image depicts an entrance view of the Green Valley Community Centre and park play structure

Jack Danaher Park

Location: 6095 Florence St, Bainsville ON, K0C 1E0

Description: This 3.56 acre park has been developed in partnership with the Bainsville Recreation Association and features:

  • A Small Recreation Centre
  • Lit Multi-Purpose Pad (Outdoor Rink in Winter)

Image Depicts a View of the Jack Danaher Park Outdoor Rink in Winter

Kenneth Barton Senior Park

Located in Martintown, it is the only Township park that provides access to the Raisin River, which flows past the park along its south and west boundaries.

Martintown Community Park

Location: 5116 Nine Mile Rd, Martintown ON, K0C 1S0

Description: This 3.5 acre site features:

  • A Multi-Purpose Pad (Outdoor Rink in Winter with Change Shack)
  • Play Structure
  • 1 x Basketball Court
  • 1 x Baseball diamond
  • 1 x Tennis Court / 2 x Pickleball Courts with lighting.

Image Depicts a landscape view of the Martintown Community Park with Baseball Diamond view in the background

North Lancaster Optimist Park

Location: 4837 2nd Line Rd, North Lancaster ON, K0C 1Z0

Description: This is a fully developed, active park with:

  • Multi-Purpose Pad (Outdoor Rink in Winter with Change Shack)
    Located on the North Side of L'Ange Gardien elementary school, which abuts the park.
  • 1 x Level “A” Lit Soccer Field (also used as 2 mini fields)
  • 1 x Level “A” (Fenced & Lit) Grass Baseball Diamond
  • 1 x Beach Volleyball Court
  • Large play structure
  • Small Community Centre (Optimist Hall) and two parking lots.

    This 9.21 acre Township-owned site also accommodates a Township Roads Department building, which occupies about three acres. 

Image Depicts North Lancaster Optimist Park with view of multi-purpose pad

Paul Rozon Memorial Park - Splash Pad

Located: 19715 John St, Williamstown ON, K0C 2J0

Description: This park offers lots of shaded space as well as:

  • A Playground Structure
  • Multi-Purpose Pad (Outdoor Rink in Winter with Change Shack)
  • 1 x Basketball Court
  • 1 x Baseball Diamond
  • Splash Pad open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. during summer months. 
  • Outdoor washroom facilities open Tuesday to Thursday 9:00am to 10:00pm & Friday to Monday 9:00am to 7:00pm

Image Depicts Paul Rozon Memorial Park Play Structure and Splash Pad

Smithfield Park

Location: MacDonald St, Lancaster ON, K0C 1N0

Description: This park features:

  • Outdoor Rink in Winter with Change Shack 
  • 1 x Soccer Field
  • 1 x Beach Volleyball Court 
  • 1 x Gazebo (Picnic Shelter)
  • Playground Structure

This image depicts a view of Smithfield Park's play structure

Glen Walter Regional Park

Location: 6618 Glen Walter Park Road, Glen Walter

Description: This park features:

  • 1 x Basketball Court
  • 1 x Baseball Diamond & 2 x Grass Baseball Diamonds
  • 3 x Soccer Fields
  • 3 x Tennis Courts / 3 x Pickleball Courts
  • 2 x Beach Volleyball Courts 
  • 1 x Gazebo (Available to rent for private events)
  • Outdoor Washroom Facilities open daily from 9:00am to 7:00pm

Image Depicts an aerial view of the Glen Walter Regional Park

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