Purpose of Roadside Spraying

In agricultural areas, SDG is required to keep its roadsides free of undesirable weeds. 

Part of the way the Roads Department manages roadside vegetation is by mowing. We attempt to mow all our unmaintained ditches from shoulder to the fence line (depending on the steepness of the ditch and weather conditions) once a year. Mowing begins in May/June and finishes in October. Unfortunately, mowing is the wrong thing to do for certain weeds. 

The Roads Department will be treating approximately 250 km of ditches in South Glengarry with selective herbicides in order to help control the growth of undesirable vegetation. The contractor performing the work is licensed to apply herbicides and will be spraying very specific areas throughout the South Glengarry road system. 

If you do not want the ditches in front of your property to be sprayed, landowners must post 'no spray' signs at the start and finish of your property. The signs must be at least 1' by 2' big and easily read from the shoulder of the road (i.e. about 3' from the edge of the gravel shoulder. Spraying is not planned if you mow the ditch in front of your property on a regular basis (i.e. if the roadside ditch is maintained similar to your front lawn). 

Spraying is planned to occur from the edge of the gravel shoulder to approximately 1 meter from the fence line. 

For additional information, contact the Township of South Glengarry municipal office at (613) 347-1166.

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