Active Use Parks

These sites contain active recreation facilities, including 16 soccer fields (5 are mini), 12 softball diamonds, 7 outdoor rinks with boards and lighting, 10 childrens play structures and 5 volleyball courts.

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 The following locations are also available for use:
Empey-Poirier Park is located in the Glendale Sub-Division. This Township-owned, 4.66 acre neighborhood park was developed in 1977. It features a softball diamond, basketball court, lit multi-purpose pad used for an outdoor rink, a childrens play structure, change hut and a small parking lot. The park has very limited frontage (at the end of Vine Street) and a long irregular shape. No washroom access.
Green Valley Community Park is located at 4159 McKinnon Road. Its features include an outdoor rink, softball diamonds (also used as a soccer field), tennis court, volleyball.
Jack Danaher Park is a newer (2003) Township park located in Bainsville, at the corner of Florence Street and MacCuaig Drive. It can also be accessed via Park Drive. This 3.56 acre park has been developed under an innovative partnership between the Township and the Bainsville Recreation Association Inc. It features a small recreation centre; a lit multi-purpose pad with a high quality outdoor rink and a childrens play area.
Kenneth Barton Senior Park is located on County Road 20 in Martintown. It is the only Township park that provides access to the Raisin River, which flows past the park along its south and west boundaries.
Martintown Community Park is Township-owned, located on Nine Mile Road, is a 3.5 acre site that features a fenced softball diamond, basketball court and tennis court with lighting.
North Lancaster Optimist Park is located along County Road 26 in North Lancaster. This is a fully developed, active park with a level A lit soccer field (also used as 2 mini fields), a level A (fenced and lit) softball diamond, volleyball court, large play structure, a small community centre (Optimist Hall) and two parking lots. This 9.21 acre Township-owned site also accommodates a Township Roads Department building, which occupies about three acres. A lit multi-purpose pad with an outdoor rink and new change hut is located on the north side of LAnge Gardien elementary school, which abuts the park.
Smithfield Park is located at the north end of Lancaster on Military Road. This is Lancasters main active park, featuring 2 softball diamonds (one is lit), an outdoor rink, a volleyball court, change hut, picnic shelter and a new seasonal skateboard park. This 7.44 acre Township park.