Appear as a delegation

"Delegation" is the term used to define the process whereby an individual appears before the City Council in order to make a presentation, enter a request for action, bring Council up to date on a project/idea/concept, or to provide further information on an issue currently before the Council for a decision.

The individual must submit a written request to the Clerk by fax, email or letter using the information listed below, no later than seven calendar days prior to the Council meeting that the individual wishes to attend. Such written request should include the subject matter to be discussed with Council, complete with all relevant information, and specify the preferred date they wish to be received before Council (Note: The earlier this request is submitted, the better the chance to obtain the preferred meeting night.)

The Clerk will assign an appropriate date and every effort is made to assign a date as soon as possible depending on various factors (i.e., such as whether or not a staff report is pending that should be considered by Council at the same time as the delegation appears, or upon whether timeliness is an issue).

The Clerk will respond to the request by telephone or in writing advising the date of the Council meeting when they are scheduled. The Clerk may communicate additional instructions regarding Council protocol at that time.

The opportunity to appear as a delegation is at the privilege of Council so use the time wisely to make succinct, salient points. Upon completion of your presentation, Council will ask questions if they feel clarification is required.


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