Township of South Glengarry Committees & Appointed Positions

Fence Viewers

Fence Viewers settle disputes where a property owner desires a new fence on a boundary line or when a property owner wishes to repair an existing fence. The Fence Viewers examine the premises and hear evidence relating to disputes. A decision is then made as to the style, location and cost sharing between the neighbours. This is governed by the Line Fences Act.

Livestock Valuers

Livestock Valuers complete investigations of claims submitted for the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation program. Through this program, compensation may be paid to owners for the cost of livestock killed or injured by coyotes and other approved predators. 

Committee of Adjustment / Property Standards Committee

The Committee of Adjustment is appointed by Council under the authority of the Planning Act to make decisions regarding applications for minor variances from the provisions of the zoning by-law and to make decisions on applications for consent to "sever" a property.

Members of this committee also make up the Property Standards Committee. The Property Standards Committee is appointed under the authority of the Building Code Act. The purpose of the Committee is to consider and make decisions when there is an appeal filed regarding a Property Standards Order. 

Accessibility Advisory Committee of SDG

The Accessibility Committee is an advisory body that works with the United Counties of SDG staff to develop and review policies to ensure that the services provided by SDG are accessible and in compliance with applicable legislation/regulation. 

Heritage Advisory Committee

This is an advisory committee which makes recommendations to Council on matters relating to proposed and designated heritage properties within the Township under the Ontario Heritage Act. Council may seek the Committee's advice for special projects relating to Heritage/History from time to time. 

Agricultural Resource Committee

The Agricultural Resource Committee may provide Council and staff with an agricultural perspective or advice on municipal policy and by-laws that relate to agriculture. 

Cornwall Regional Airport Commission

The Cornwall Regional Airport Commission is the body that operates the Cornwall Regional Airport, which is jointly funded by the City of Cornwall and the Township of South Glengarry. 

Community Improvement Plan Advisory Committee

This Committee will serve to implement the Township's Community Improvement Plan by evaluating applications received and making a recommendation to Council to approve or refuse the application. The committee will also make recommendations to improve the CIP when required and suggest priorities for future programs.