Winter Maintenance

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The parking of a vehicle on a roadway interfering with winter maintenance activities is an infraction of the Highway Traffic Act. Please be sure to park vehicles in such a way that the Township Roads Department can perform snow plowing and de-icing operations in a safe and efficient manner.

Deposit of Snow and Ice on a Roadway

The blowing of snow and/or pushing snow across roads and streets is not only a safety hazard, it is also against the law. The blowing of snow or pushing of snow across roads, streets and sidewalks creates unnecessary hazards to the travelling public in South Glengarry.

Garbage & Recycling Bins

During winter months, do not place garbage and recycling bins on the roadway. This creates a hazard and interferes with snow plow operations.

Damaged Mailboxes

The Township of South Glengarry will replace mailboxes that are knocked over or damaged by snow plows. Mailboxes that are damaged or knocked down by heavy snow are NOT replaced by the Township. For more information, contact our Roads Department.

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